We are flash cover!

For over 20 years on the market, we have been in constant growth and we’ve built a solid trajectory manufacturing modern and high standard Soft Roll up Covers for domestic and imported pickup trucks. We operate worldwide, in 24 countries across all the 5 continents, we are the national leader in the Soft Roll up Cover branch supplying  storekeepers, distributors and exportation with our products in addition to supplying the main assemblers in the market. It is a story about gathering commitment, investment and technology to provide the best products to our clients.

Our story begins in 2000; when our Chief Executive Officer Marcio Caldeira moved to Santa Fé do Sul/SP to manufacture Soft Roll up Cover. Our first plant was only 300m² long and had a limited structure, where 3 people worked manufacturing 10 Soft Roll up Covers a day and thus selling them. With the increase in demand and successful sales, it was necessary to expand our infrastructure, thus today we are located in a 70000m² constructed area, and we also count on 25.000 Soft Roll up storage hangar. Since the beginning, commitment was the key of our company.

We have looked for efficient, innovative and intelligent solutions, in order to bring security and convenience day by day. Due to investment in infrastructure and technology, improvements in production process, employees’ appreciation and constant engagement with the development of modern products, we have always brought the best to the market.

For us, innovation and surprise is part of the process! The combination of the experience gained along those 20 years, investment in technology, knowledge, and the commitment with aligning convenience, strength and design in each Soft Roll up Cover, resulting increasingly advanced models. Innovation such as snap button closure, trek buttons and the strip model are important upgrades, they are tested by our team, in order to bring our clients the best experience.

There is a need for adaptation to every Soft Roll up Cover model due to several types of pickup trucks; it is a reality in our company, which aims at providing a durable and high quality product, as well as convenience besides being aesthetically harmonious, accordingly the pickup truck design, resulting in a particular kit for each model. The main focus is to offer high level products from the carefully selected raw material and a strict quality control ensuring the strength, safety and durability of the products.

In our team we have specialized professional for each part of the production process, they are skillful and committed with every soft roll up cover they manufacture. In addition, our top notch technologies automatize and provide high precision for details, enriching the design and resulting in a stronger product.

We can proudly say that our story was not easy-peasy, the competition was big in the beginning; therefore we invested in client’s attention, relationships, and attractive cost-benefit for our products. So, we’ve struggled and we’ve been increasingly growing. We’ve built solid relationships over the years, from each part of production to aftermarket, being that our main strength.

We just can’t get enough!


Our mission is focus on offering the best products in our market segment, valuing the high quality when producing Soft Roll up Covers exceeding our client’s expectations and impressing them each day.


Our vision is the search for world fame as the biggest Soft Roll up Cover manufacturer, innovating, creating new high strength and unbeatable products.


Flash Cover team looks for the client’s appreciation and we offer an unforgettable experience, we show in each detail all the passion for our work. Your satisfaction leads us towards the future.

Flash Cover from inside

WIDE SCALE production

flash cover is presente in 5 continents.

We are present in more than 24 countries in the 5 continents, manufacturing Soft Roll up Covers for domestic and imported pickup trucks. It is the result of hard work, commitment, effort and love for what we do.


We were awarded the most important certifications regarding the quality standard of products, process management and environmental commitment. Those factors make us the biggest Soft Roll up Cover manufacturer in South America.

What is it?

ISO 9001 is a management system aiming at guaranteeing the process optimization as well as the agility in the development of the products and fast production, meeting our client’s needs and reach a continued success.
Why is this certification important?
It’s important because it improves the management of the company and increases the satisfaction of our clients.

What is it?
IATF-16949 was created by the main automobile manufacturers worldwide. It is based on ISO 9001 and national quality standards of the automotive industry; it may be easily integrated to the current standards. The standard applies to all the manufacturers of the global automotive supply chain- vehicles, parts, components or systems where they are manufactured.


Why is this certification important?
A company awarded with IATF 16949 certification issued by DNV GL-Business Assurance is automatically included in a database for global providers. The database is only used by original equipment manufacturer OEM, in order to be updated about the certification situation and de performance of their providers.


What is it?

All organizations concerned about their activities environmental impacts need to develop an Environmental Management System (EMS). The best way to establish and control that system is through ISO 14001 standards, which specifies requirements that allow the development and implementation of Policy and Goals considering legal requirements and environmental aspects.

Why is this certification important?

The certification ISO 140001 shows that the organization is concerned either with their profitability and the management of the environmental impacts. Since the standard is globally recognized, the company awarded with that certification is more competitive. We were awarded ISO 14001 in 2019, our goals and purposes comply with saving natural and energetic resources, as well as our employees’ awareness. The standard is a way to control costs, reduce risks and improve the performance of the organization.
politica ambiental bg


Environmental policy is a concern, so we believe it is important to learn about significant environmental aspects and impacts regarding our activities, ensuring we meet our current environmental legislation and other standards described by the company, as well as improving our processes and products, aiming at protecting the environment and  the prevention of pollution.  Thus, we aim at continuous improvement of Environmental Management System reaching the stablished objectives.

politica de qualidade bg


Our quality policy aims at meeting the expectations and needs of our clients, prioritizing the performance of the Soft Roll up Covers and providing good client’s attention, promoting the company and employees’ development. Besides, we aim at respecting the environment in compliance with legislation, maximizing the waste recovery and minimizing the environmental impacts. 


We invest in technology and top notch quality, from the raw material to the final product. To guarantee dimensional high precision and the perfect finishing, we use totally automated cutting machinery; high productivity is guaranteed by computerized machines, which optimize production time, save raw material, and generates environmental awareness. Here at Flash Cover TECHNOLOGY and QUALITY are aligned.

corte computadorizado de lona


Centro de usinagem

Machining facility

imprimindo peças 3d

3d printer

máquina cortando perfis de alumínio


injetora plastica


5 Cabine de pintura



Cabine Hidrica


product engeneering

We care about our staff and products in the same way we care about our clients. We invest in professional development, to gain experience in the design of our products and supporting them either in infrastructure or technology. Through detailed market research we developed effective solutions to meet the needs, and at the same time, guarantee the quality and a cost reduction. Our productive process determines the characteristics of the material used, besides analyzing the quality of the raw material we receive, it generates information to our quality control and only then we start the production. Before launching a product in the market, all of them are tested several times, in laboratory and mainly in field testing.
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