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User-friendly installation

When we develop a Soft Roll up cover we also think about its installation, thus, an assembly manual is available, giving directions with all steps of the process. To make it easier and more convenient, the front and back bars are already built-in the tarp, saving installation time and make it more beautiful. In our channel you can find instructional videos for people who prefer to see the installation in action!


Made with high resistant aluminum, you can be sure that your belongings will be safer and protected against stealing or any events. Moreover, it counts on an extra latch which provides extra protection to your luggage.


The Soft Roll up Cover are developed to endure hard use conditions, we are concerned about the everyday challenges of a pickup truck user. We use top notch material and we test 100% of our Soft Roll up Covers, all the components go through several quality tests, we assure the durability of our products.


We take carefully actions to ensure the final product. Raw materials are handpicked avoiding failures and we count on a strict quality management. We offer 1 year warranty for Roller and Force lines. Do you have any questions?
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